Suggest a Trade

The suggest a trade feature makes it easier to find suitable trade partners for players you want to trade away. You can also use this feature to get suggestions about what offer to make if you want to trade for an opponent’s player.

To access the feature, enter the trading scene and select a player either from your team or the opponent’s team. Swipe left on the player in the assets list and tap suggest trade. Alternatively, you can also use the button at the bottom of the player details screen. Note this button will not be visible when trading is disabled, for example after the trade deadline or when there is an unresolved trade offer in your mailbox.

Suggest trade action
Player details

Search Parameters

When trading away your player, you can further tweak the parameters for the assets you want to receive in return. You can choose whether you want draft picks, draft picks only or draft picks limited to a certain round. You can also add multiple player parameters that allow you to fine tune what kind of players you are interested in. Beware that the more specific your parameters are, the less likely you are to find any trading partner.

Note that the game still honors CPU teams’ rosters and does not suggest players that the teams are trying to retain, even if those players match your search criteria. If you do not specify player parameters, the game will try to find assets to match your roster’s weak spots. If your team is stacked, it might be better to set your own parameters.

When you ask for suggestions when trading for an opponent’s player, you cannot specify any parameters as the CPU team decides what kind of assets it wants for their player.

Suggest trade parameters

Search Results

The search results are split into two groups - Suggested Offers and Needs Work. Offers listed under Suggested Offers usually fit both sides fairly well and may require only minor adjustments to finalize them. The offers in the other group require a bit more tweaking as those offers usually put one team or the other over the allowed salary cap, but they could at least give you an idea what might work with that team.

Suggest trade results