Player Streak Factor

Players’ performance in recent games affects their morale which affects their overall rating. When a player performs poorly in a number of consecutive matches, their attributes will be decreased temporarily until they manage to find their game again. Low performing players are indicated by the icicles icon.

Similarly, players who put up points and perform well consistently will have their attributes increased slightly and their profile will show the fire icon. Note the visible overall continues to show the player’s base value and not the adjusted one based on their streak factor.

The streak factor is also reflected when setting lines automatically, for example using the set best lines button in the rosters screen. Players may find themselves on lower lines if they have been performing poorly in recent games, and vice versa.

Coach’s Morale Boost

Your head coach may help your players get out of a slump occasionally after a match. The coach’s ability to do this is determined by the morale boost rating.

Post-season Reset

The streak factor is reset for every player when the play offs are concluded.