Update v0.12

Puck Drop has been updated to v0.12.

Change log

  • Added option to auto-load last played career on app launch
  • Added support for "swipe down" gesture to dismiss screens without scrolling content
  • Added auto-focus of text input for manager's name in the "new career" screen
  • Added social links to the main menu
  • Added in-app time stat to the settings screen
  • Added more prominent view when a scout is missing an assignment
  • Scout's assignment details do not show up in the post-season
  • Improved AI signings during the free agency
  • Improved simulation speed during the free agency
  • Fixed draft lottery having the same result season after season
  • Fixed those silly players who declined your offers when your team is not considered a contender, even though you just had a deep play off run or even won the cup
  • Fixed a bug where the team screen was greyed out and not interactable
  • Fixed a crash that could occur during the sim

Thanks everyone for playing! The next update will bring an improved management of your roster, stay tuned!